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Re-Bel's second public event: 17 December 2009

The Belgian Federation:
Can we improve the way its components are funded?
Can we improve the way its leaders are elected?

The 2nd Public Event of the Re-Bel initiative
Thursday, the 17th of December 2009, 2-6pm
University Foundation, 11 rue d'Egmontstraat, 1000 Brussels [Map]

Registration, 13.30

Opening, 14.00
Philippe Van Parijs (Louvain)

14.05 - 15.45
Part I: Towards a more efficient and fair funding of Belgium's Regions and Communities?

Background reading
The CES-VIVES proposal: Towards a more efficient and responsible financing mechanism for the Belgian federation [Download Paper]
The CERPE proposal: A new structure for the financing of Belgium's Regions and Communities through personal income taxation [Download Paper]

Erik Schokkaert (Leuven & Louvain)

Paul De Grauwe (Leuven) & Mathias Dewatripont (ULB): Background and key controversial issues

Two proposals
Dirk Heremans, Theo Peeters & Annelore Van Hecke (CES-VIVES, Leuven)
Robert Deschamps, Alexandre de Streel & Christophe Ernaelsteen (CERPE, Namur)

Brief reactions
Philippe Cattoir (St Louis, Brussels)
André Decoster (Leuven)

General discussion

Mathias Dewatripont (ULB) & Paul De Grauwe (Leuven)

16.15 - 18.00
Part II: Towards a more efficient and legitimate working of Belgium's federal democracy ?

Background reading
Re-Bel e-book 4: Electoral Engineering for a Stalled Federation

Bea Cantillon (Antwerpen)

Kris Deschouwer (VUB): The Pavia Group's Proposal

Rudy Andeweg (Leiden)
Laurent de Briey (Namur)
Bart Maddens (Leuven)

Kris Deschouwer (VUB) & Philippe Van Parijs (Louvain)

General discussion

Paul De Grauwe (Leuven)

Reception, 18.00