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E-book 2: Does it make sense to regionalize labour market institutions?

Download the complete e-book with Introduction, Lead Piece and Comments [PDF]

Download individual sections of the e-book:
Introduction, Bart COCKX and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
A call for action and dialogue in the interest of economic recovery and social progress, Jean-Claude MARCOURT and Frank VANDENBROUCKE
• Comment: A response to the joint statement by Ministers Marcourt and Vandenbroucke, Benoît CEREXHE
• Comment: Solidarity and responsibility, Bea CANTILLON
• Comment: Decentralisation of labour market policy may matter, but other reforms matter more, Bart COCKX and Bruno VAN DER LINDEN
• Comment: A comment on Marcourt and Vandenbroucke’s call for action, Mathias DEWATRIPONT
• Comment: Should the setting of wages in Belgium be regionalized?, Robert PLASMAN, Michael RUSINEK, François RYCX and Ilan TOJEROW
• Comment: Regional Labour Market Policies: Scope and Limits in a Federal State, Paul VAN ROMPUY

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This e-book addresses one of the most hotly debated questions in the Belgian federation: To what extent should some federal labour market institutions be decentralized? “Labour market institutions” include formal organizations, laws, rules and policies that affect the functioning of the labour market. The e-book starts with an opinion piece jointly published on December 8, 2008 by Ministers Marcourt and Vandenbroucke, then in charge of employment in the Walloon and Flemish governments, respectively. In this piece, they present a a list of institutions that should remain federal and another list of institutions and policies that should be decentralized. The bulk of the e-book consists of comments on the viewpoint expressed in this piece. One of them is by Minister Cerexhe, then in charge of employment in the Brussels government. All other comments are by academics active in the areas of labour economics and social policy.

Reactions to the e-book and other documents

Comment on the e-book by Koen ALGOED, April 30, 2009
Reaction to the e-book by Frank VANDENBROUCKE, April 28, 2009

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