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(Con)federalism: Cure or Curse?

The Re-Bel initiative aims to rethink in depth, in an open, rigorous, non-partisan way, what the institutions of the Belgian federal state - or of whatever else this part of the world needs to become - can and must look like in the longer term, taking full account of the evolving European context. Read more...

Re-Bel Events

Corruption and regulation in today’s Belgium was the topic of our last public event, held in December 2013.

Diverging memories in Belgium. Is this so? If so, why? And is it a problem? was the topic of public event held in June 2013.

Our event on Brussels, its communes and its hinterland was held in December 2012.

The G1000, the European Citizens' initiative and the malaise of democracy was the topic of our public event held in May 2012.

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Latest Re-Bel Publications

Posted 6 April, 2014
Re-Bel e-book 14 has just been published and is now available for download: The Malaise of Electoral Democracy and What to Do About It

Posted 5th December, 2013
The Dutch and French versions of Re-Bel e-book 4 have been published with a new preface and are now available for download on the e-book's webpage:

Ingéniérie électorale pour une fédération bloquée. Une circonscription fédérale pour le parlement fédéral belge

Electorale hervormingen voor een geblokkeerde federatie. Een federale kieskring voor het federale Parlement

Posted 1st September, 2013
Re-Bel e-book 13 has been published and is now available for download: Must Brussels’s communes be merged ? The experiences of Antwerp, Berlin and Vienna

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